ONLINE ONLINE 24.11.2020 18:30
n°1 Lausanne | 19.09
Dr. Chonja Lee
n°2 Bern | 28.10
M. Gabi, F. Schott & M. Schibig
n°3 ONLINE | 10.11
James Bantone
Deborah Joyce Holman
Annette Amberg
n°4 ONLINE | 24.11
Lea Moro
Nima Dehghani
Marina Quesada & Paula Baro
Lea Moro
Nima Dehghani
Marina Quesada & Paula Baro

Working Locally Internationally – A conversation with Lea Moro from Work it Out (CH), Nima Dehghani from Reconnect Online Performance Festival (IR/USA) and Marina Quesada + Paula Baro from LODO (AR)

Work it Out is the name choreographer and cultural manager Lea Moro (Zurich/Berlin) has given the platform she co-initiated for the artistic mediation of dance and performance projects. Nourished by the experience of the lockdown following the pandemic in spring 2020, and driven by Rebecca Solnit’s thesis of ‘wild possibilities’ which suggests alternative options for action in uncertain times, Work it Out is a hybrid, nomadic format that exists in both physical and digital spaces. It creates space for encounters and exchange and establishes the sharing of knowledge and resources and the strategy of ‘(un)learning’ as necessary methods for joint reflection on the future in times of crisis. In the frame of LE FOYER – IN PROCESS, Lea Moro will, together with project partners from the Reconnect Online Performance Festival (IR/USA) and the Argentinean platform LODO, discuss the possibilities of negotiating social issues across borders and disciplines and ask how we, in the context of artistic mediation, can learn from and with one another.

In collaboration with Tanzhaus Zürich.
Join us on Zoom (Password: 660599).

Reconnect Online Performance Festival (IR/USA) is a platform and festival founded by Iranian theatre collectives NH Theatre Agency, Ctrl+Z Theatre Group and Bohemian Theatre Group in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Its ongoing online activities include workshops and talks and the first edition of the festival took place from March 25 – April 17, 2020. The second edition is planned for March 2021.

Plataforma LODO (AR), based in Buenos Aires, has since 2014 been working on the development of contemporary performing arts in Latin America. LODO’s work centres around exchange and the organisation of production and mobility projects in the fields of dance, performance and theatre. LODO organises a yearly festival in September, which in 2020 will for the first time take place online.

Work it Out (CH), is a hybrid platform dedicated to sharing resources and knowledge in the performing arts. Its digital and analogue formats include 1:1 encounters, a podcast, moments of relaxation, a seminar club and an artistic-academic symposium. Work it Out creates space for cooperation and exchange by means of encountering, (un-)learning, sharing, gathering and listening. The goal is to work through the current situation without tension.