Zürich message salon embassy 05.04.2018 18:30
n°1 Zürich | 05.04
Marta Margnetti
Daniela Palimariu
n°2 Wald (AR) | 14.04
Athene Galiciadis
Vinzenz Meyner
n°3 Aarau | 26.04
Su-Mei Tse
n°4 Luzern | 05.05
Claude Sandoz
n°5 Zürich | 23.05
Alexandra Navratil
Kathrin Doerfler
Marian Petraitis
n°6 Zürich | 26.05
Valentina Stieger
Roman Gysin
Cornelia Huth
n°7 Muttenz | 28.06
Katja Schenker
David Leuthold
Marta Margnetti
Daniela Palimariu

ALTITUDE >> A double-decker artist-talkMarta Margnetti (*1989, lives and works in Lugano) and Daniela Palimariu (*1986, lives and works in Bucharest) both work as artists and curators. They are driven by questions of spatiality on an architectural and urban scale – how can moods or emotions be created within them? Margnetti and Palimariu are both co-founders of galleries on the periphery of the art world’s map (Lugano and Bucharest). In their artistic practice they both develop interior-like settings, allowing either for specific atmospheres to be created or offering possibilities for action. As part of their joint studio residency in the outskirts of Zürich they will discuss their respective approaches to work, reflecting on, how a change in altitude can change our mood, our perception of space; and our point of view.

A cooperation between Progetto 6000, message salon embassy and LE FOYER. After the artist talk there will be food, drinks and music.

Daniela Palimariu works as an artist and co-founder of Sandwich art space in Bucharest, Romania.

Marta Margnetti works as an artist and is co-founder of the Offspace Sonnenstube in Lugano.

message salon embassy Zürich Nord, Hunzikerareal, Dialogweg 6, 8050 Zurich